Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are pets allowed?
Yes, most cabins would love to have your furry friend! There is a $30 a night pet fee


2. What provisions are included in my rental?

Since all Sweetwater cabin rental properties are privately owned cabins, and not hotel rooms, they are fully furnished, and include a living room, kitchen with standard kitchen appliances, bedrooms, and bathrooms as described on each property detail page. The following items are also provided in your cabin:
  • Guest Snack Tray with welcome card
  • 5 x 7 Etched Picture Frame Gift from Sweetwater Cabins to commemorate your vacation!
  • Bath & Beach Towels, Wash Clothes, Hand Towels, Linens/Bedding, Plates & Cutlery, Drinking & Wine Glasses, Crockery, Cooking Utensils, Various Pots & Pans, Salt and Pepper, Dishcloths, Pot Holders, Iron/Ironing Board, Hair Dryer, Coffee Maker, Toaster, Blender, Crock Pot (most), Microwave, Dishwasher (most), Washer/Dryer (most), BBQ Grill with 1 tank of propane, Hot Tub (most), Outdoor Fire Pit, Cable TV, and Internet.
  • STARTER SUPPLIES of Coffee, Sugar, Powdered milk, Kitchen Sponge, Laundry Detergent, Dishwasher Soap, Hand Soap, Toilet paper, Paper Towels, Trash bags, Travel Sized Shampoo and Soap
Provisions Not Provided:
  • Food/Firewood/Spices (except for salt and pepper). Firewood can be purchased inexpensively at the local markets off highway 259.
3. What are Check-in and Check-out times?

Check-in: 4:00 pm 
Check-out: 11:00 am 

Early check-in and late check-outs are unavailbel until further notice due to CDC Cleaning and Social Distancing Requirements. Thank you for understanding the necessary changes required to safely and effectively clean each cabin.  

*For the safety of guests and cleaners please do not enter cabin before 4 pm or leave later than 11 am.  

4. Where is the nearest grocery store?

There is a grocery store, Pruitts, in Broken Bow and a Walmart (basic groceries). There is NO grocery store in Hochatown, where the cabins and Beavers Bend State Park are. I recommend that you do most of your grocery shopping near where you live since the stores in Broken Bow are very limited, especially if you require a special diet. A few places I recommend in Hochatown are the Mountain Man Meat Market and Adam & Eve. Adam & Eve have a gluten-free section where you can get the basics. The Meat Market offers fresh meat that is very good.

Pre-arrival grocery shopping and stocking is available with purchase of our Signature Concierge Service at $25 or 25% of grocery bill whichever is greater. Please see Signature Concierge Services for details.

5. I did not receive my cabin information yet?

The property management system automatically sends cabin information 5 days prior to guest arrival if you are paid in full. If you have a balance due the system will not send the cabin information, so please make sure you have made all payments. The information will come from Sweetwater Cabins, not VRBO/Homeaway/AirBNB etc. Please check your junk mail if you cannot find it. I cannot guarantee we will be able available to resend the information the morning of your arrival, so please contact me immediately if you have not received it 3 days before your arrival date.

6. I need the exact address to get there/I can't find cabin?

driving directions are given in the cabin information email. Google Maps/GPS or any other satellite system will NOT be able to locate your cabin. The town of Hochatown just recently got street signs (smallest one’s ever seen on earth) but satellites still show all trees, so regardless of what cabin address you enter into the system you will mostly likely end up in a gas station parking lot (still confused over this one, but, trust me, it’s true). PLEASE DO NOT look at any maps on the internet or website or GPS to try and find the cabin. PLEASE USE THE DIRECTIONS PROVIDED.
**Directions can also be located on our website at under cabin location.

7. I'm on the road and phone reception is dropping so I can't get the email with the directions?

Welcome to 'no mans' land! Phone reception will most likely drop intermittently on your trip and in the area. It will be a dead zone to some carriers, so PRINT THE DIRECTIONS before you get on the road. Also, you may not have cellular service in the area because some carriers (T-Mobile) have no satellite access there, even if you are on the cabin WiFi. I promise, it is getting better each year, but we are not quite up to city standards when it comes to technology!

8. My GPS says I'm in Broken Bow, but I can't find any of these streets?

true! You are in Broken Bow, but, the cabins and Beavers' Bend State Park are all in Hochatown, which is 11 miles north of the town of Broken Bow. That area has just always been referred to as Broken Bow, even though, it is really in Hochatown. The city finally put up a small sign on 259 that says Hochatown 11 miles ahead. You know you are on the right path because they also put up a large Hochatown sign when you enter the town. The locals really want the area to be acknowledged as Hochatown and they also want you to pronounce it right. So Hoch is pronounced like roach with an H, not HOOCH (as in hoochy…).

9. I'm lost and directions you gave are wrong?

It can be difficult to find the cabins, almost impossible at night, so please try to arrive before dark. I promise the directions are correct. I have written these directions every way possible, based on mine and guest experiences, and the ones given work the best. Do not second guess, they are straightforward. The town is in the process of paving all the roads leading up to the cabins. However, not all are done, so I can't specify in the directions if the road you turn on is paved or not because it is constantly changing.

10. I'm at the cabin and can't get the door open?

most of the keyless door pads, you enter the code provided (turns green or makes a noise), turn the lock knob, and then turn the door handle. If there is no lock knob, then enter code (turns green or makes a noise) and turn the door handle. If it doesn't work (turns red) wait a few minutes to reset and try again. Before trying again please make sure you are at the correct cabin, some cabin names are similar and easy to mistake as yours. If you have never seen these types of locks and are worried, go online before you leave and take a look, so it won't be so foreign to you.

11. My Direct TV/Pine Cable is out?

Welcome to 'no mans' land. This is the number one issue we have for this area and, unfortunately, the least any owners have control over. Housekeeping specifically checks all TV's before your arrival and leave a TV on so we know it will work when you enter the cabin. 99% of the problems can be fixed using the troubleshooting guide provided in the cabin.

12. Are Your Cabins Located on The Lake or River?

Broken Bow Lake and Mountain Fork River are on property owned by the US. Government and controlled by the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers. Therefore, there are no cabins on the lake or directly below the lake on Mountain Fork River. Our cabins are in the mountains within a short distance of the lake and local attractions. Some are located on seasonal creeks. Check amenities and maps for cabin locations.

13. Are 1 Night Stays Available?

Yes, we have serveral cabins that allow one-night stays.

14. May I ride my ATV on the county roads?

If depends, ATV Riding is not allowed on a county road even if the road is gravel. You will be at risk of receiving an expensive ticket. You may ride an ATV in the Timber Creek Trails area. Since 2015, ATV Riding reopened in the National Forest area on Lucian Sorrel Road, the official ATV riding start location is about 50 yards down Lucian Sorrel Road where it splits with East Fork Road. You will need to trailer your ATV to this starting point. ATV can also be rented, see local attractions for list. For more information visit the US Forest Service.

15. Can I bring my gun?

Yes, you may bring your registered gun to the cabins. Guns must always be unloaded and in a locked box while in the cabin. Guns left on the premises will be forfeited to the police and guest must arrange pick up with the department. For the safety of our staff there are no exceptions to this rule. Shooting your gun for recreational purposes within the city limits and outside hunting areas are strictly prohibited and can result in police arrest.

16. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, the following year-round discounts are provided for 2 or more-night stay. We also offer seasonal and ‘just because we feel like it’ discounts that can be found on our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us to receive discount notices.
  • $35 Active Military Discount, Active Firefighters and Police Discount, Active Teachers Discount, and Retired Vets
  • Stay 3 nights, get 4th night 50% off, excludes holidays and high season
  • Stay 6 nights, get 7th night FREE year round offer

17. What is included in your concierge service?


Sweetwater Cabins unprecedented Concierge Service provides our most discerning guests an unimaginable standard of service and luxury, where your every need is anticipated. Sweetwater Concierge service includes special offers, gifts, and a personal Sweetwater Butler.

  • PERSONAL BUTLER to handle all your vacation details, from pre-arrival grocery shopping to planning local excursions.
  • Complimentary commemorative 5 x 7 etched Sweetwater photo frame
  • NO extra charge for early check-in (11:00 am) or check-out (3:00 pm) times, if available
  • 50% discount on additional night stays on 3-day bookings or more, if available
  • FREE additional night stay on 6-day bookings or more, if available
  • 15% off Sweetwater ‘Into the Woods’ 100% organic Arabic coffee, Sweetwater coffee mug with spoon, Sweetwater wine glasses, and handmade organic Sweetwater ‘Mountain Spice’ soap


  • Welcome e-mail introducing your personal Sweetwater Butler with a list of vacation recommendations
  • One-on-One consultation with your Personal Sweetwater Butler to help you plan your upcoming vacation
  • Stock groceries prior to your arrival (extra charge)
  • Pre-arrange spa services
  • Pre-plan in-cabin birthday or romance celebration
  • Pre-book excursions, tours, and/or boat rentals
  • Make restaurant reservations and much more!

  • Sweetwater Butler will greet you at your cabin
  • Provide ice cold water and tasty treats
  • Tour cabin and provide amenity orientation
  • Provide pre-arranged vacation schedule-including dates, times, and directions
  • Supply a personalized number to reach your Sweetwater Butler during your stay

  • Make all dinner reservations, excursion/rental bookings, and/or spa treatments that have not been pre-arranged
  • Liaise with housekeeping regarding the service and amenities of your cabin
  • Set up in-cabin birthday or romance celebration, if applicable
  • Daily courtesy check in phone call

Arrange late check-out times or additional night stay reservations, when available
Courtesy check-out phone call offering post stay lunch recommendations and/or help with directions.

Signature Concierge Service: $75 for 2 day stay, $125 for 3 or more day stays
Groceries: $25 or 25% of grocery bill whichever is greater. Your credit card on file will be charged the day of shopping and is non-refundable. Grocery list must be submitted 5 days prior to your arrival.
Excursions/Spa/Rentals/Tours: Sweetwater Butler will make reservations on guests’ behalf; all costs are the responsibility of the guest including, but not exclusive to, any no-show, cancellation, additional, or change of fees charged by 3rd party companies.
Concierge Service Cancellations: 30 days or more: 100% refund less $50 Butler fee/No refund 30 days or less

18. Do you offer In-Cabin Romance or Birthday Packages?

Yes, we do!
Romance Package: $125 includes bottle of local red or white wine, box of handmade fudge or chocolates, and 2 souvenir Sweetwater wine glasses. 
Birthday Package: $65 includes double layer chocolate or vanilla birthday cake, happy birthday candle, and special Sweetwater birthday gift. 

19. What do I need to do before I leave the cabin?


The cabin you rented is privately owned and the owner’s goal is to provide you with a HOME away from home. Before your departure we kindly ask that you
clean up after yourself and leave the cabin tidy.
  • Please dispose of all indoor trash into outdoor bins.
  • Wash all used dishes. Dishes may be left in dishwasher if they are cleaned or left running.
  • Do not strip sheets off beds. Simply leave beds un-made.
  • Please start a load of white towels
  • For safety reasons please be sure all doors and windows are locked, fireplaces are turned off, hot tub cover is on, and thermostat is set between 72-74
  • Remember to remove all your personal items from the refrigerator, pantry, closets, drawers, and under beds.